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18-Jan-2018 07:54

Blurb from the publisher: 'Troubleshooters rattling through your mission with ease? Simply hand them a random form from the Paranoia Forms Pack and watch them proclaim their loyalty to the Computer with delight! I LOVE FORMS FOR [ ] Accusing people of treason [ ] Claiming backdated XP points [ ] Reporting Coretech issues including buzzing in ears, hallucinations, a large pink umbrella, and inability to reaaduvhqq [ ] Sector travel permits! Also, I am an anarchist traitor unwilling to truncate my essential self down to a checkbox on a form, and so should be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Failure to complete this form promptly may result in unspecified formal form sanctions, including reassignment to form checking, cranial deformation, or more forms.

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