Dating someone six years older

13-Dec-2017 20:24

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On Whats Your, men who wanted to date women more than 10 years younger needed to pay 13 percent more for the date in order to gain female interest (please see the helpful information graphic above).

And as the men age, that number only increases—a man who has 40 years on a woman will have to pay 400 percent more to attract her.

Whats Your, a dating site that lets singles buy and sell first dates, conducted a five-month study to determine the ideal age gap between a man and woman.

After looking at the price of more than 100,000 first dates on their website, they determined that a six-year age difference—the man being older than the woman—was most ideal for singles. The company's CEO attributes this to different levels of maturity, which makes a lot of sense.

Common wisdom says that women mature faster than men, at least in terms of wanting commitment.

If you're a guy who digs women who are more than six years younger, there is still some hope for your cradle-robbing habits. The study found that men can bridge the age gap—they just have to dig into their pockets to do it.

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My friends, while they originally approved are now skeptical since he was acting ‘strange’ about us before.

I am dating a man six years younger than me, and cop a lot of judgement. Dating and relationships issues between younger men and older women. Ll thrive in the game of dating younger men if you can avoid the bad behavior of your fellow 40.