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In his favor, he just shook his head and did not force me to have that conversation again. He said that he was kidding and that if I'd actually shown up at his hotel he would have turned me down. He asked me about my attitude towards relationships. He said my focus on marriage was a "strategy" and possibly not a good one. He asked how long it took me to know if I was interested. That is possible, but I didn't believe him and said I was annoyed. I am still scratching my head about the whole thing.Also, how do you get to your mid-50s without ever once having had less than fully emotionally involved sex?I didn't find our chat all that compelling, but he seemed non-crazy and wasn't very annoying.He asked me to lunch on Monday because he was going to be in DC for business. We talked, briefly, on Monday to firm up the plans. I thought, "I'm making a terrible mistake." Even though I'd given him the name and the address of the restaurant twice he went to the wrong place.


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My head starts buzzing and I get a little hyper thinking about all the projects. Over two years ago, for a meeting, for the old job. I'm at a conference--my professionl association conference--and I'm enjoying it. I'm under strict orders not to think about work and not to do any work. The first person gave me her card and said to get in touch. It's Sunday and I'm going to some sessions this morning.