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Friendly \"Good Morning\" are exchanged between neighbors. YOUNG HOUSE - FRONT YARD) (MARY ALICE comes out of her front door and down the porch steps, carrying a basket of flowers. (SUSAN throws EDIE's bra behind her, where it catches the flame of the candles. (SUSAN abandons the scene, and runs out, cutting through the back garden. They say their farewells, as SUSAN walks back into her house. (lays on the bed next to her, and tosses the jewellery box next to GABRIELLE.) GABRIELLE: Is that white gold? A woman pushes a baby carriage along, while a car pulls out of a driveway and drives down the road. She kneels in front of her flowerbed, and smells a flower, smiling faintly.) NARRATOR: My name is Mary Alice Young. (Cut to: MARY ALICE, carrying a plate of waffles to the breakfast table, where PAUL and ZACH are sitting. (Cut to: MARY ALICE, flipping a switch on the washing machine, and then lifting a basket of clothing off the machine. (Cut to: MARY ALICE, stirring a paintbrush in a can of paint and painting a garden chair) NARRATOR: I ran my errands (Cut to: MARY ALICE picking up the dry-cleaning, then retrieving the mail from the mailbox.) NARRATOR: In truth, I spent the day as I spend every other day - quietly polishing the routine of my life until it gleamed with perfection. It starts to burn, and lights up the curtain as well. Smelling smoke, she turns around and discovers the curtain is on fire.) SUSAN: Oh... Meanwhile, EDIE's living room goes up in flames.) EDIE: (OS) Is somebody out there? ------------------------------------------------------------ CUT TO: [EXT. EDIE' S HOUSE ---- NIGHT (LATER)] (The house is a burning inferno. LYNETTE walks along the left path, GABRIELLE walks along the right path and BREE crosses the street all in four different directions.) NARRATOR: After talking for hours, my friends still hadn't agreed on what to do with the note. Desperate Housewives S01—S05 Desperate Hosuewive 《绝望主妇》1‐5 季 纯英文剧本 ——第 1/1613 页—— DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES 1X01: PILOT ------------------------------------------------------------ OPEN ON: [EXT. The measuring drop drops out of her hand and onto the floor. Upset, she drops down onto the couch) NARRATOR: And just like that, the possibility that Susan had clung onto, the maybe of Mike Delfino was gone forever. It looks like it hasn't been opened for a long time.) NARRATOR: My friends were right to be concerned. And as my 更多美剧资料请加 QQ:1661866800 Desperate Hosuewive 《绝望主妇》1‐5 季 纯英文剧本 ——第 24/1613 页—— son and husband could've told them, you need to think carefully before digging them up. CARLOS: (laughs and gets up, walking to the table at the end of the bed) When a man buys a woman expensive jewellery, there are many things he may want in return. He turns at the sound of SUSAN dumping the rubbish.) MIKE: Hey Susan. (fixes herself, then turns around, smiling.) 更多美剧资料请加 QQ:1661866800 Desperate Hosuewive 《绝望主妇》1‐5 季 纯英文剧本 ——第 26/1613 页—— MIKE: (pulls Bongo back as the dog starts barking at SUSAN, who looks startled) Ooh, Bongo, Bongo! WISTERIA LANE --- MORNING] (A school bus drives up the road. WISTERIA LANE --- NIGHT) (SUSAN holds a measuring cup and walks up to EDIE's front porch. (SUSAN walks along the side of EDIE's house, peering in the back door.) SUSAN: Edie? She picks up EDIE's pink, flowered bra, looking at it as she hears a noise.) EDIE: [OS] Oh! And despite the precariousness of the situation, Susan took a moment to mourn her loss. She throws the leftover wine from the glasses onto the fire, which makes it worse.) 更多美剧资料请加 QQ:1661866800 Desperate Hosuewive 《绝望主妇》1‐5 季 纯英文剧本 ——第 19/1613 页—— NARRATOR: It didn't take long for Susan to realize, this was just not her night. ------------------------------------------------------------ [CUT TO: EXT. MEYER HOUSE -- NIGHT --- LATER] (We see our four housewives walking towards the gate. (kisses GABRIELLE's shoulder) And then make love to me. For future reference, conversation ain't one of them. SUSAN: (stops short, eyes wide, not turning around) Mike! SUSAN: I didn't realize anyone was gonna be out here, I just sorta rolled outta bed. Zachary "Zach" Young (Cody Kasch) is the "adopted" son of Paul and Mary Alice.Original and partial cast of Desperate Housewives, from left to right: Paul Young, Martha Huber, Mary Alice Young, Zach Young, Bree Van de Kamp, Rex Van de Kamp, Lynette Scavo, Tom Scavo, Susan Delfino, Julie Mayer, John Rowland, Gabrielle Solis, Carlos Solis, Edie Britt, and Mike Delfino.Bree Hodge - Mother Rex Van de Kamp - Father Orson Hodge - Ex-Stepfather Trip Weston - Stepfather Leo Katz - Ex-Husband Benjamin Katz - Son Sam Allen - Half Brother Andrew Van de Kamp - Brother Mrs.

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Danielle attends Mary Alice's wake after her suicide with her mother, father and brother.In regards to the confrontation she had with her then husband, she told Y!