Error updating

07-Nov-2017 01:17

I was trying to update my Windows 10 latptop to the latest version but after running the Windows Update in settings it then restarted saying it couldn't complete the Update and uninstalled all the changes once it booted back up I ran it again and checked the details this is what it said. Nearly everytime I turn on my computer, I get prompted by a Installing updates screen, followed by a Update failed, restarting. i've tried following all the steps but i keep getting this error in preparation mode at 75%.

I have also tried the Windows 10 Update Assistant and it came up with the error code: 0x80070003. sfc/scannow finds this error: 2015-10-02 , Info CSI 00000291 Cannot repair member file "aero.msstyles" of... I have encountered a lot of problems with this new OS.

Or you might be trying to install an earlier version of i OS (downgrading).

To restore your device to the latest version of i OS, use recovery mode.

I will send any extra information you need just let me know what you need to know. The first thing I have noticed is that my typing is extremely unresponsive.

In the left lower corner search when you type winver is will open a pop up about windows. HP computers typically come with UEFI diagnostics that check all of the hardware. As I am typing this only 1/ 3 of the letters I type appear on the screen.

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In most cases, the connection has simply timed out, and you’ll want to perform a manual refresh in order to re-establish the connection.

Occasionally, you may login to the Dashboard page of your Wave account, and notice that your bank connection is failing with an error message.

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