Five things every woman should know about online dating

16-Jul-2017 10:11

Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.4.

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After that, every month or two someone would send it to me and I'd immediately hit "reply all" and type, "Hey, that was me!

Surprisingly, 1 in 2 Black women over the age of 18 suffer from some form of bladder leakage. Veronica Mallett breaks down things every woman should know about bladder leaks.

I had passed my thirtieth birthday and wanted to tell younger women about the things I really wished I'd had and known by that important milestone.

Anyway, the reason I pulled you all aside…is to show you my penis. So stop expecting us to understand the intricate mystery that is the feminine psyche and just accept the fact that it’s never going to happen. Once you stop over-thinking men and realize that they are much less complex than you are, you can take charge, keep them content and get what you want at the same time.

We just can’t figure you out, and all our attempts end in humiliating defeat.It was an entirely new experience that took some getting used to.

You know about this guy already (cough, cough Ochofreakin’cinco).… continue reading »

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Before you start, write down 10 or more things you want to "do" with your partner—role play, dirty talk, touching, stripteases, etc.—and send these tips to each other.… continue reading »

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