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(Please note: Sweet child has many a name; some people refer to funny state slogans as funny state nicknames or funny state mottos. Yeah, I Think We Can Help You Out With That" "Illinois: Gateway to Iowa" "Illinois: Please Don't Pronounce the "S"" "Illinois: Only Morons Pronounce the "S"" "Illinois: Menage a Trois" "Illinois Won't Annoy You" "Indiana: 50 Million Years Tidal Wave Free" "Indiana: We So Corny! Kirk" "Iowa: We Do Amazing Things With Corn" "Iowa: It's Easy to Spell" "Iowa: Gateway to Illinois" "Come to Iowa and Lose Your Will to Live" "Iowa: Not as Depressing as Idaho" "Kansas: First Of The Rectangle States" "ARRR Kansas: The Pirate's Kansas" "Kansas: Stupid is the New Smart" "Kansas: We Know We're Flat (And We're Very Self-conscious About It)" "Kansas: Not Everything is Flat" "Kentucky: Five Million People; Fifteen Last Names" "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky" "Louisiana: We're Not All Drunk Cajun Wackos, But That's Our Tourism Slogan" "Louisiana: We've All Got Jazz Hands" "Maine: Cheap Lobster" "Maine: We're Really Cold But We Have Cheap Lobster" "Maine: I'm the Maine Man" "Maine: If Anyone Asks We're Part of Canada" "Maine Says ... "Minnesota: For Sale" "Minnesota - 10,000 Lakes and 10,000,000,000 Moquitoes" "Minnesota - 10,000 Lakes and No Sharks!But let's not put a definition of state slogans between us.) "See America First" "This is America: We Don't Redistribute Wealth, You Earn It" "America's Hand and Penis Are Too Far Apart - That's Just Cruel" "Alabama: At Least We're not Mississippi" "Alabama: Got Teeth? Go Away Tourists, You're Scaring Away All the Lahhbstah" "Maryland: A Thinking Man's Delaware" "Maryland: If You Can Dream It, We Can Tax It" "If it Weren't for Washington, You Wouldn't Find Us" "Massachusetts: Our Taxes Are Lower Than Sweden's (For Most Tax Brackets)" "Massachusetts: Home of the Young Girls from Nantucket. " "Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Petersons" "Save a Minnesotan - Eat a Mosquito" "Minnesota - Mosquito Supplier to the Free World" "If You Love Minnesota, Raise Your Right Ski" "Minnesota - The Hockey State" "Minnesota: One Day It's Warm, the Rest of the Year It's Cold" "Minnesota - Where Visitors Turn Blue With Envy" "Minnesota - Land of 2 Seasons: Winter is Coming, Winter is Here" "Minnesota - Glove It or Leave It" "Minnesota - Home of the Blonde Hair and Blue Ears" "Minnesota - Where the Elite Meet Sleet" "Minnesota - CLOSED FOR GLACIER REPAIRS" "There Are Only 3 Things You Can Grow in Minnesota: Colder, Older, & Fatter" "Minnesota - Have You Jump Started Your Kid Today? " "Survive Minnesota and the Rest of the World is Easy" "Minnesota - Come Fall in Love With a Loon" "Minnesota: We're Not as Fat as Wisconsin" "Mississippi: Come Feel Better About Your Own State" "I'm From Mississippi, Can You Tell Me What My T-shirt Reads?Saxon is here to help out with layout, punctuation and spelling if you request it.Send your spanking story, long or short, to: [email protected] in pictures, and our minds conjure the images in their truest form bringing forth smiles, tears, all the emotions that they can can even get slogans on your underwear if you don't take yourself too seriously. " "Massachusetts: Washingston's Outhouse" "Michigan: First Line of Defense From the Canadians" "Michigan: America's Left Hand" "Michigan: Talk to the Hand" "Michigan: The Hideous Growth on the Forehead of America" Even though it seems to be very cold in Minnesota, it has not paralyzed the production of funny state slogans, quite the contrary.In time, you too, will be able to make your own unique contribution and create a state slogan to be published on this website - and perhaps even beyond. Minnesota seems to be the King of funny state slogans." "Alabama: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem" "Alabama: Yes, We Have Electricity" "Alabama: Like the Third World, but Closer! " "Minnesota - Land of the Ski and Home of the Crazed" "Minnesota - We're Not as Fat as Wisconsin" "Minnesota - Home of the Mispi-Mispp-Missispp (Where the damn river starts! " "Missouri: Your Federal Flood Relief Tax Dollars At Work" "Put Us Out Of Our Missouri" "This Place is Missouri" "Missouri: The Show Me Your Boobs State" "Missouri: Loves Company! You show me yours and I'll show you my rifle" ~ Darlene Forsman ~ "Montana: Land of the Big Sky, the Unabomer, and Very Little Else" "Montana: The Unabomber State" "Nebraska: Ask About Our State Motto Contest" "Nebraska: Home of the Great Cornholio" "Nebraska: Safe Sex, We Mark the Sheep that Kick" "Nebraska: The "N" is for Knowledge"~ Chris Pultz ~ "Nevada: Whores and Poker! "Everything's Bigger in Texas" "Texas: A Great, Big Flat State" "Texas: Si' Hablo Ing'les (Yes, I Speak English)" "Everything's More Texan in Texas" "Only Sure Things in Life are Death and TX" "Texas: Come for the Adventure ...

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Jane, pictured today, says she was caned almost every day at primary school in Northern Ireland Ekis, Katie, 18, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Farida Ikyimaana, 18, attributes exam success to canings, Uganda, 2004 Fletcher, Marisa, 15, paddled at Missouri high school, 2008 (also video clip) Gaspersohn, Shelly, senior student paddled at US high school in 1981, shown at age 20 giving evidence with her mother to Senate hearing in 1984 Gerhartinger, Mary, 7, paddled at school, USA, 1930 'Honghong' (name changed), Chinese schoolgirl, 8, caned on bare buttocks in front of class, 2004 Katwesige, Margaret, former housegirl in Uganda who at 21 has gone back to school, where she gets caned the same as everyone else, 2005 Mihalik, Rebecca, 15, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Mihalik, Sarah, 16, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Ngabase, Asanda, 18, illegally caned in South African school, 2005 Olds, Sue, 14, caned frequently at Bacon's school, London, 1978 Page, Amber, 17, cheerleader paddled in Texas, 1999 Page, Amber, another picture, shown with her father Page, Amber, in her cheerleading uniform Santos, Taylor, high school sophomore, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother 2012 (also video clip) Savage, Annette, 11, spanked four times in one month at Texas elementary school, 1971 Seven girl students at a Texas high school, six of whom have been paddled there, 2008 Simmonds, Lynne, 14, caned at girls' school, UK, 1976 (2 pictures) Torbert, Tamara May, 15, strapped by own mother in principal's office at Texas school, 1977 Torbert, Tamara May, another picture Washington, Jennifer, paddled for being late to high school, Mississippi, c.2002 Watt, Jada, 16, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother, 2012 (also video clip) Watt, Jada, another picture with her mother, 2012 Wilcox, Maureen, 9, caned along with whole class, UK, 1954 Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, 17, whipped in Malaysian classroom for talking to girl, 2003 Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, better picture showing cane weals on his back, 2003 Andrew, Prince (Duke of York), now 40, spanked with clothes brush at UK prep school around 1970 Andrew, Prince, aged 8 in 1968, arriving at UK prep school at which he was spanked at about age 11 Baur, Jeffrey 'A.", poster for comedy film, 1960 United Kingdom: four mediaeval representations of school CP United Kingdom: mediaeval woodcut shows schoolroom birching in progress United Kingdom: Etching showing a schoolroom birching, 1807 United Kingdom: drawing of schoolboy about to be caned in classroom, c.1900 United Kingdom: artist's impression, not necessarily authentic, of a student being birched in front of the school in a traditional private (so-called "public") boys' school, from a rather unreliable book first published in 1941 United Kingdom: silly posed picture of schoolboy pretending to be caned on the hand United Kingdom: drawing of an Eton Pop-tanning in progress, as practised until about 1970 United Kingdom: drawing in silhouette of traditional English school caning by headmaster United Kingdom: modern lithograph imagines William Shakespeare about to be birched as a schoolboy c.1580 United Kingdom: modern painting of imagined English classroom birching in the 16th century United Kingdom: another imagined English classroom birching in history, wrongly shows punishment over trousers United Kingdom: photograph of student bending over for a rulering at front of class, but it's all in fun (I think), boys' secondary school, 1970 United Kingdom: posed picture of Scottish primary school tawse in use United States: pretend paddling of senior student at a high school in Arkansas, posed for jocular effect, c.2005 United States: college students pretending to paddle a fellow-student with huge planks, Texas, early 20th century United States: 19th-century school caning re-enacted for a modern play United States: pretend paddling at a school museum, Oklahoma United States: artist's impressions of various modi operandi for paddling students United States: child receiving over-the-knee paddling with "the board of education", presumably a posed picture, possibly c.1900 United States: senior girl student paddles senior boy student on "student takeover day", high school, Kentucky, 1971 United States: paddling scene from a fictional film set in the 1950s, unusual position adopted United States: paddling by the Dean of Men, Hardaway High School, Georgia, posed for yearbook, 1968 United States: posed paddling scene, from Georgia high-school yearbook, 1965 United States: posed paddling scene, unknown junior high-school yearbook, 1982 United States: posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, date unknown United States: posed paddling scene, unknown high-school yearbook, possibly 1960s United States: sixth-grade paddling, picture posed for amusement by real teacher, 1965 United States: posed photograph of elementary student being paddled in front of country schoolhouse, allegedly in 1915 United States: posed press photograph of student being paddled, 1987 United States: posed press photograph of schoolgirl clutching bottom as though just paddled, 2004 United States: posed photograph of schoolboy bending over for a switching in the classroom, 1905 Australia: A schoolboy's caning by his housemaster is secretly captured on camera, 1930s Barbados: Tardy boys caned on arrival at school (two pictures), 2010 Barbados: A less cropped version of one of the above two pictures, 2010 Cameroon: A high-school whipping, 2015 Canada: Sequence of pictures of boy being paddled at private school, 1974 (also video clips) China: Punishment with huge martial arts sticks, allegedly at Shaolin martial arts academy, no date Ecuador: Senior student given the belt (also video clip) Germany: classroom caning of elementary schoolboy, 1960s (possibly a scene from a film, but might be real) Ghana: girl student being caned in classroom, c.2002 Ivory Coast: punishment in secondary school yard, 2011 (also video clip) Jamaica: classroom strapping of girl on hand, undated file picture (possibly posed but might be real) Japan: Caning of young man at cycle racing school (also video clip) Japan: Another caning under way at the cycle racing school on a different occasion Japan: classroom caning with bamboo sword, 1970s Japan: several classroom canings, and boys clutching buttocks in anticipation as they wait in line to be caned, 1970s Japan: thought to be from the same school, but possibly more recent, another picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword Japan: another schoolboy being caned in front of watching classmates, 1970s Japan: a more recent picture of a student being caned with a kendo sword, possibly real but could be posed Japan: punishment under way at a Table Tennis Academy in Tokyo Japan: student at martial arts academy bending over for punishment with cane, may be posed Japan: school baseball training scene, possibly involving CP Kazakhstan: caning of youth at religious school, 2015 Kenya: schoolgirl being caned at the blackboard as classmates watch, date unknown Kenya: 10 secondary schoolboys being caned hard across the backside, 2014 (see also video clip) Kenya: Senior student gets an English-style caning, 2014 (also video clip) Lebanon: school student being caned on soles of feet, 2014 Liberia: President Taylor caning his own daughter in front of class, 2001 Liberia: Young boy being caned for talking in class, 2010 Malaysia: secondary student receiving the cane in school office while another awaits his turn, 2003 (might be posed, but quite possibly real) (for the real thing captured on film, see video clips) Malaysia: another boy being caned in the same school office, presumably at the same session as above, 2003 Malaysia: classroom caning, hands on the desk, 2009 Malaysia: classroom caning, hands on the wall, 2012 Malaysia: caning at school entrance for latecomers, 2013 Nigeria: boy and girl being whipped in front of schoolmates, 2010 Nigeria: mass outdoor caning of girls and boys, 2016 Pakistan: boys caned in schoolyard (also video clip) Pakistan: Cadet college residents caned outdoors (also video clip) Singapore: secondary student gets two strokes of the cane in front of his class, c.2006 (also video clip) Singapore: secondary school boy being caned on stage in front of whole school, c.2005 (also video clip) Singapore: sequence of five pictures showing the caning of a school student on stage, 2008 Singapore: computer-generated artist's impression of the above, several angles Singapore: schoolboy receives a caning in school corridor, 2007 Singapore: 15-year-old being caned in front of his class ("class caning"), 2007 Singapore: another class caning under way, 2007 South Africa: senior male secondary student undergoing "six of the best" at private school, 2012 (also video clip) South Africa: boy being caned in elementary classroom, 1999 South Africa: high-school boy being caned, 2006 South Africa: high-school girl being caned, 2016 (also video clip) South Africa: senior schoolgirls being caned, 2013 (also video clip) South Africa: secondary students caned at school gate as they arrive late, 2014 South Africa: unidentified pictures of illegal punishment with plastic ruler (possibly posed but might be real), 2002 South Korea: canings at the school gatehouse for latecomers, Seoul High School, probably c.1960 South Korea: paddling of secondary schoolboys in a corridor, c.2008 (also video clip) South Korea: all-fours posture commonly adopted for punishment South Korea: mass punishment of boys with a baseball bat South Korea: schoolboy being caned in classroom on lower posterior and/or back of thighs, 2009 South Korea: senior student adopts the classic Korean position for receiving the cane across seat of trousers, outdoor view South Korea: high-school boy gets spanked in class, 2003 South Korea: secondary boys being caned in front of their mixed class, two pictures South Korea: punishment in class with a thick rigid rod, 2009 South Korea: formal caning of a student, two pictures South Korea: schoolgirls being caned, cellphone captures, 2000s (also video clips) South Korea: mass punishment of students outside school, not clear whether it includes CP, 2000s South Korea: numerous school students in sports uniform being whacked on their backsides, c.2007 South Korea: pupils spanked with a ruler for arriving late to school, 2008 Taiwan: junior high school boy being paddled in front of class, 2005 (also video clip) Taiwan: four teenage boys soundly caned by their swimming coach, 2015 (also video clip) Tanzania: young boy caned by headmistress, 2014 (also video clip) Tanzania: senior student being caned in classroom, c.2012 (two views) Thailand: caning of schoolboy in front of class, 2013 (also video clip) Thailand: schoolboys caned, 2000s (also video clips) Thailand: schoolgirls caned, 2000s (also video clip) Thailand: boys caned in the school office across the seat of their shorts, 2000s Thailand: mass caning of boy scouts, 2010 Thailand: school student being caned across his bottom by lady teacher, no date Thailand: a classroom caning in progress, 2009 Thailand: flexible rattan wielded at front of class by lady teacher, no date Thailand: caning of novice monk at Buddhist temple school, 2014 (also video clip) Tonga: caning by prefects, 2011 (also video clips) Uganda: junior boys queueing up to receive a caning, c.2005 Uganda: senior girl student being caned in presence of parents, 2003 Uganda: girls being caned outside school for lateness, 2009 United Kingdom: housemaster caning a boy at Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire, c.1970 United Kingdom: Christian Brother wielding the strap at a Roman Catholic grammar school, date unknown United Kingdom: prefect's caning at a boys' boarding school, 1960s United Kingdom: "sponsored canings" at comprehensive school open day, c.1979 (two pictures) United States: a high-school senior gets his last paddling before graduating, Arkansas, c.2007 United States: high-school student in North Carolina receiving birthday spanking in class, 2014 (also video clip) United States (probably): over-the-knee switching at front of class, early 20th century(?) United States: boy being paddled at a New Orleans school, 2013 (also video clip) United States: high school footballer being paddled for poor grades while teammates watch, 2001 United States: paddle swat being delivered to unseen Louisiana school student, c.2006 (also video clip) United States: recent paddlings of high school students (also video clips) United States: elementary student being paddled in school cafeteria, 2001 United States: whacking with a stick on school stage, possibly c.1910, probably only a "birthday spanking" United States: high-school boys being paddled in Butler, Pennsylvania, 1978 (also video clip) United States: paddling of high school boy, Texas, 1977 United States: improper paddling at Tennessee high school, 2009 (also video clip) United States (possibly): female student supposedly receives ruler over knuckles, probably a posed picture, date and purpose unknown Vietnam: schoolboy receives a caning at front of class, 2007 (also video clip) Zimbabwe (possibly): secondary student receives "six of the best" in front of class (also video clip) Zimbabwe: caning of schoolboys (also video clip) Canada: cartoon of school strap and frightened student, 2003 India: cartoon of bad-tempered schoolmaster brandishing cane at kids, 2003 Kenya: cartoon of schoolboy being caned in front of class, 1999 India: cartoon of young schoolboys getting a pants-down rulering from angry schoolmarm, 2009 Malaysia: cartoon by "Lat" on controversy over school discipline, 2000 New Zealand: 2 cartoons on Rongotai College "video caning" controversy, 1981 Uganda: Cartoon of girl being caned at front of class, 2003 United Kingdom: A Greek Tragedy.But in truth, we all harbour our own special fantasies, and other people love reading about them!

The other writers here are just ordinary people who took a chance, and you can do the same.The stories on these pages are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the author.

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