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At Varmlands Saby, Falconberg, in Sweden, he created an Egg Maze, symbolising the Garden of Eden and featuring separate entrances and paths for men and women who meet up at Adam's rib at the maze's centre.

The son of an expatriate businessman, Gilbert Randoll Coate was born in Lausanne on October 8 1909.

Randoll Coate, the labyrinthologist who died on December 2 aged 96, became a designer of elaborate symbolic garden mazes after retiring from the Foreign Office; there are examples of his work in Buenos Aires and at Blenheim Palace.

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The Motown star himself was riddled with insecurity and spent much of his day in a drug-fueled haze although his creativity with songs such as 'What's Going On' and 'Let's Get it On' which was dedicated to Jan, ensured his stature.

Other creations include the Marlborough Maze at Blenheim, the Roxburgh Maze at Floors Castle (with Adrian Fisher), and the Sun Maze and Lunar Labyrinth at Longleat.

He designed the Millennium Maze for the Borghese Gardens in Rome, and the memorial maze in Buenos Aires for his friend Jorge Luis Borges, inspired by the writer's short story The Garden of Forking Paths, and in which Coate used smooth stones to pick out in Braille the blind writer's celebrated quote that a book and a labyrinth are one and the same.

Ray Charles, Rick James, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Richard Pryor, Stevie Wonder and Jane Fonda.

Jan bore two children to the singer, a daughter Nona whose arrival thrilled him despite his earlier wishes to father a boy, and then a son Frankie.Since moving to Arequipa six months ago, we’ve found it has a lot more to recommend it than blue skies and sunshine for over 300 days a year.

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I was also born with blue eyes, brownish hair, and short stubby fingers that would obviously hinder any attempt to become President of the USA, but all those attributes are accepted automatically by the world.… continue reading »

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