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Piercings: Two in each ear, small silver stud in your nose, small silver ring on the right side of your bottom lip. Lots of black clothing, gothic jewelry, and dark eye makeup.

Everybody calls you a female version of The 69 Eyes.

The embassador, I thought I'm your personal assistant when you have time for it Jussi: Yeah but long time no see and this really is an honor, you havent really talked anywhere much Ville: Yes it's an honor for me too, we havent seen each other in such a long time, you've been busy with your stuff and I've been busy with my stuff and that's how it is sometimes, we can't just hang out and talk shit, you gotta work sometime too Jussi: Right, right. *laughs* Jussi: Okay but let's talk about the past.

You have 2 things you promote which are the dusty past... What's different in your head now than let's say before Razorblade Romance Ville: Suprisingly I'm just as nervous about the promo and new album than back then and you know what happened with Gas, so after a long break you kinda have to learn everything from the start again, I don't have the smart one liners anymore, it's not like it used to be Jussi: So it's not a routine? Ville: Unfortunately not *laughs* Jussi: So 8 months, but Gas is fine now, right?

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40 tornio s closest economic and cultural ties are with its immediate neighbour: haparanda, sweden; also has links with: devizes, england; hammerfest, norway christian metal, known as white metal or heavenly is a form heavy music usually defined by message using song lyrics well the.Ville: Yes and it's also psychosomatic, think about it yourself, if your arms would break and youd have to tell the guys to wait for you.