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In rubber bridge, the location on the scorepad above the main horizontal line where extra points are entered; extra points are those awarded for holding honor cards in trumps, for bonuses for scoring game, small slam, grand slam or winning a rubber, for overtricks on the declaring side and for undertricks on the defending side and for fulfilling doubled or redoubled contracts.Points awarded for contract odd tricks bid and made are entered below the line. American Contract Bridge League, the sport governing body for bridge in North America – defined as Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and the United States – and the sponsoring organization of North American Bridge Championships (NABC).I'm not convinced it would reduce the luck factor [email protected]: interesting analogy.

Since then they have written and performed a Radio 4 spoof for The Wireless Theatre Company, which has been the top download on their site since its release.

Savannah lives part-time in Sunnydale Rehabilitation Retreat, full-time in her head. I'll Always Think Of You That Way is a darkly comic play in one act, focussing on cake-obsessed Alison as she reminisces over the years spent with her unlikely friend Savannah, and the bizarre array of characters that inhabit their world.