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Some manufacturers also worked with other manufacturers to complete their projects.

A good book for reference is " History of Japanese Electric Guitars" by Frank Meyers (we actually sell this book, but I am not certain if it is appropriate to post links into this forum) *Guyatone-made guitars may have also been sold under the following names, though not all guitars under the following label have been made by Guyatone: Confirmed: Broadway, Conrad, Conqueror, Delta, Empire, Feather, Futurama, Ibanez, Kent, Kingston, Hy-Lo, Lancer, Lake, Lafayette, Marco Polo, Musician, Nobco, Noble, Orpheus, Orpheum, Raven, Regent, Roamer, Royal Artist, Saturn, Silvertone, Star, Starlite, Univox, Vox *NOTE: Musician & Julian were model names used on some of their respective models, but are often mistaken for a brand name.

In 1977/1978 Fuji Gen went into a joint venture with Roland to produce guitar synthesizers.

Happened to see this post in my email this morning. Many of the brand names on guitars were distributor names, and they used multiple manufacturers.

Some are Alverez, Epiphone or Ibanez but they seem to be mostly identical, possibly made by the same craftsmen. Fujigen certainly made/makes Ibanez and Epiphone,and many, many other brands you must have heard of.

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