Panty poop dating

15-Aug-2017 20:20

My husband was home one day when she did this and he took over and made HER clean it up. He told her that if she was going to poop in her pants that she would have to clean it up not Mama or Daddy (we would supervise). He absolutly refused to go poop in the potty no matter what we tried. OK I had a huge problem with my son he would wear underwear all the time even at night but if he had to poop he wanted a pullup. First having him only poop in his pull up in the bathroom. Another idea is to have her help you put the poop in the toilet and flush also have her help you clean herself. It took about 2-3 months of this with my son and he soon got it. However, we also realized, from things she said after she finally started to go, that there was definite fear involved.

Industry experts say the global underwear industry is worth billion. That is a lot of money for a piece of clothing hidden from view (most days).Well it all started when he got his girlfriend, Shannon. So he got all dressed up (tie and everything) and drove over to his house in his old clunker.