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03-Jan-2018 19:00

Punk Rock Bowling started as a small gathering in Las Vegas in the late 90s and has blossomed into a massive festival, and with the 2015 edition just around the corner, we figured now would be a good time to ask Mark Stern five questions. I do go to festivals and complain about everything, so we try to do away with most of the things that we don’t like about most festivals (multiple stages, EDM, too many genres that alienate the audience, expensive drinks, shitty food selections).

Do you have a favorite festival outside of Punk Rock Bowling? We try to keep our prices down and keep the lineups cohesive in substance but still be diverse in style.

A moment later, one of them pops open, and she grins, her face the very picture of schoolgirl mischievousness.

"Excuse me while I centre myself," she says, perhaps joking but just as likely not.

Fifteen years ago, an undeniably precocious Juliette Lewis, then 18, was at the very top of her game.

She had just landed an Oscar nomination for her Lolita-like performance in Martin Scorsese's 1991 remake of Cape Fear.

Mark Stern has a long history with punk rock, dating back to a band he started with his brothers Adam and Shawn in 1980 called Youth Brigade and continuing through the label they formed, BYO.

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It’s late March but the Los Angeles sun already burns as if it were July. A few months before my tenth birthday the so-called Gulf War broke out, and although I didn’t really understand the political dimensions of that conflict, my perception of the US started to change. After skimming through piles of ’zines, after watching tons of skate videos and listening to hundreds of punk songs, I sensed there must be something between the lines of these narratives.

If you're dating a metalhead who tolerates your Taylor Swift obsession, it just might be love. My metalhead and his friend were hilarious, ridiculously fun people to be around, totally up for midnight trips to Mc Donald's, going to the carnival, anything that involves spontaneous good times. This is either a pro or a con, depending on how you see things. When I dated a metalhead, he bragged about me to his friends till they were completely sick of him.

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