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Most often, Kaslow and Solomon see attractions between people diagnosed with Cluster B (antisocial, borderline, histrionic and narcissistic) and Cluster C (avoidant, dependent and obsessive-compulsive) personality disorders.Kaslow offers a theory on the attraction between Clusters B and C: "Someone in Cluster B or C will more likely seek a polar opposite they see as exhibiting qualities they lack and assume this will make them feel more complete or whole," she explains.

The phases are typically not completely successive -- there are typically cycles of forward and backward movement between phases.

I know what has ended my relationships in the past... How can I compare the path my girlfriend and I are walking with the paths I've taken in the past? It's only when we begin to evaluate our relationship through the lenses of our disorder and our pasts do we begin to question anything...

My exs are villianized to a certain degree, While she is my love and friend...

Few studies investigate the odds for divorce among men and women with personality disorders, or long-standing maladaptive ways of perceiving and interpreting one’s own self, feeling and expressing emotions, relating to others, and controlling impulses.

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However, those that do indicate that the warning signs for trouble may lie in these deep-seated tendencies.Unlike other challenges to mental health, the personality disorders do not represent a particular pattern of “illness” that can be “cured.” Individuals with these disorders develop symptoms that reflect the evolution of personality traits over the course of their lives.

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