Updating a meta analysis of intervention research with challenging behaviour

21-Jul-2017 03:53

Summary References This article presents a detailed review of the literature relating to quality management and the various models that have been developed over the past decades for use in improving service quality.

From this position, the use of TQM in police organisations is introduced before the article proceeds to consider a range of potential models of QM that may be appropriate in the context of law enforcement.

Similarly, transforming teacher evaluation was a consistent priority for the United States Department of Education through the award of grants such as Race to the Top, the Teacher Incentive Fund, and School Improvement Grants.

updating a meta analysis of intervention research with challenging behaviour-20

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Thereafter, the article traces the historical development of TQM and considers how the practices associated with this philosophy have evolved over time to produce the fundamental model of Total Quality.

It begins by exploring the concept of service quality and introducing the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach.

It is now commonly understood that teacher effectiveness is the single most important school-level factor affecting student achievement – with principal effectiveness a close second.

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