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29-Nov-2017 22:42

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Practically all server applications require some sort of synchronization between multiple threads.Most of the synchronization work is done for us at the framework level, such as by our web server, DB client or messaging framework.runs independently and isolated of other processes.It cannot directly access shared data in other processes. memory and CPU time, are allocated to it via the operating system. It has its own call stack, but can access shared data of other threads in the same process. If a thread reads shared data it stores this data in its own memory cache. Within a Java application you work with several threads to achieve parallel processing or asynchronous behavior.This Java tutorial helps you understand how the Java Collections Framework is designed for concurrency; how we should use collections in single-threaded applications versus in multi-threaded ones.Topics about concurrency are often a little bit complicated and not easy to understand, so I will try my best to explain them as simple as possible.

Of course the runtime is limited by parts of the task which can be performed in parallel. This would ensure that only one thread can enter this method at the same time.

It is also at the base of many of the more complex patterns we use such as thread and connection pools, concurrent collections and more. Synchronized code blocks are implemented using two dedicated bytecode instructions, which are part of the official specification – Monitor Enter and Monitor Exit.

This differs from other locking mechanisms, such as those found in the Synchronized methods can sometimes cause bad behavior.

By reading to the end of this tutorial, you will be armed with deeper knowledge about the Java Collections Framework and I bet it will be definitely helpful for your daily Java coding.

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Do you notice that all the basic collection classes - are the two collections exist early in Java history, and they are designed for thread-safe from the start (if you have chance to look at their source code, you will see their methods are all synchronized! However, they quickly expose poor performance in multi-threaded programs.

Concurrency is the ability to run several programs or several parts of a program in parallel.

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