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In standard situation there can be only an assigned task 3D marker shown on the screen.

However there are now new commands and functions that allow to bend this behavior by flagging a task to always show - do not fade out.

The ability to automate metadata changes opens up a variety of possibilities for digital library administrators and collection managers.

Many institutions and individuals have begun exploring the use of geographic data to provide an alternate means of accessing digital library collections.

26 HOUR 2: Mastering the Android Development Tools 31 Using the Android Documentation .

Many digital libraries are interested in taking advantage of the GIS mapping capabilities provided by Google Maps and Google Earth.

Task types definition is stored in Cfg Task Types class: The default task type icons are textures with 32x32px size, 32bit color, white foreground and transparent background. Defining task type when the task is created is suggested and most efficient way.

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Android is the world's #1 mobile development platform, and with the new Android 3.0, it's becoming as popular for tablets as it is for smartphones.

A significant value of geographic browsing for a digital library is assisting discoverability, particularly with collections containing large amounts of content.

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The start_server command must be in the bin directory of the Siebel Server installation directory.

Explanation: An attempt to start the Resonate Central Dispatch Agent failed. If you cannot start the agent manually, check the log file for Resonate Central Dispatch Agent information.

Below you will find brief feature breakdown, that should present you all the core features of Tasks Overhaul. The attribute describes what is in general the task about and replaces the task label that was displayed on the task marker.