Validating email address in javascript

27-Sep-2017 22:01

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The regex for validating the correct email format in line 2 has been borrowed and edited slightly by adding the i flag so that the regex is case-insensitive.

The if block in lines 3-6 checks to see if the email address in the first field passes the regex check by invoking the search() method on our email string value.

We need to validate that each individual e-mail address entered is a valid e-mail address format.

We've added a Custom Validator to perform this validation.

Use a semicolon (;) with no spaces to separate multiple e-mail addresses." Text="*" Tool Tip="Invalid e-mail address or addresses.

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Selected Text and Value of the Check Box List using Java Script in ASP. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to use Java Script with Radio Button List in ASP. This article will explain how to validate Radio Button List to find whether an item is selected or not and also how to get the Selected Text and Value of the Radio Button List using Java Script in ASP.

If you are intending to include a 'Contact Us' page on your Website then you will need to create a more comprehensive FORM that communicates with a CGI program located on your site's Web server.

The CGI program is likely to be 'Form Mail' from Matt's Script Archive, which acts as a FORM to email gateway and is pre-installed by most Web Hosting providers.

While the code part is in ASP, the important part is at the top, which deals with email validation using Java Script.

With this free email validation service, you can easily verify an email address and confirm if it is valid, properly formatted and really exists. NET developers who need email address validation in their solutions.

Nothing exciting here except in line 6 where the on Click event is triggered when the user clicks on the button.

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