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Sparkles, Spanklez, Inspector Pants Jordan Maron, better know by his many aliases as Jardon, Sparkly Pants, Captain Sparklez, Sparkly-butt, Glitter lap, Mr.He is good friends with Waglington (James), Tucker (Jeriicho), Tom (Syn HD) and Sonja (Firefoxx).The first one was when we were in the cave and donations were coming in and someone used Jordans name. The next point in the UHC stream he pointed out was when we were in the nether and Anderz was enchanting my pants and said, "Give me your pants aurey, that sounded so bad, I'm sorry Sparklez I'm undressing your woman! Sparklez, Sparkley Pants, Sparkley Boy, Sparkley Dick, Sparkley Bum, Spark Plug, Spark, Jordan, Jardon, Sparkly, Sparkly Fellow, Sparkly Jowls, Sparkly Loins, Glitter Lap, Mr. Butts, or simply Sparklez, is one of the inhabitants in the World of Mianite.The 3-story home is over 4,100 square feet with 3 bedrooms, according to Nicholas Property Group.

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It never regained its original popularity of 50 million views.) Other original (non-parody) minecraft music videos include Take Back the Night (the sequel to Fallen Kingdom) with over 112 million views, Find the Pieces (part 3 in the Fallen Kingdom series) with over 27 million views, and Dragonhearted (part 4) with over 10 million views.

Jordan occasionally posts videos with his friend Nick (NFENvids) and other You Tubers, Nick does minecraft videos as well as other games, like Trials Fusion, and is responsible for editing Jordan's videos.

He was the 35th most subscribed person on You Tube after reaching 7,000,000 subscribers.

It was by the same guy and this time was about the UHC charity livestream. I knew a lot of people thought it was weird that we were 5 years apart in age, but I had seen a comment once to commbate that saying," My parents are 12 years apart, Moms the older one".

He pointed out that Jordan and I were on the same team and that there was two specific points in the stream where it made it seem we were dating. With over 10 million subscribers, his main channel is currently the 91st most subscribed channel on You Tube, not counting auto-generated channels.