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11-Jan-2018 01:00

Data Error: 40 : Binding Expression path error: 'Content Two Template Selector' property not found on 'object' ''String' (Hash Code=-1506748533)'.

Since data bindings are evaluated at runtime, and no exceptions are thrown when they fail, a bad binding can sometimes be very hard to track down.

I had assigned Green and it was still holding this value as Green .

I have a style template (below) that does not update when my Tag binding updates.

In a MVVM WPF application, the view model acts as the window’s Data Context: This means that that all controls inside the window will inherit its Data Context unless some parent element of a control overrides this by setting its own Data Context property.

You can also accomplish many data binding tasks using Visual Studio 2010.

I use this XAML code, where the converter is in my code behind class: Also for the selected File, if the information in the file changes while it is selected (which other classes can cause to happen), I want the status bar to update automatically to reflect this change, but it doesn't; I have to click something else and then re-select the File of interest.

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At the end, I finally found a working solution which involves changing // Relevant code public static readonly Dependency Property My Value Property = Dependency Property. Best regards, – Alex Bell Mar 27 '16 at @Alex, I added the solution, but I'll update the question with some inline code. So, do you want us to modify your code to work without that line? Best regards, – Alex Bell Mar 27 '16 at | show more comment As you have provided too little information, code would be nice, i have a few notes for you.This view model contains everything that the view binds against.

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